Team Paper

1000 words, one original SPECIFIC idea concerning technology that you have worked hard to study, think about, and refine.

Citation is not important unless you are directly critiquing another work or relying on relatively obscure or unusual information. (A good rule of thumb here: If it can be found in 3 or more sources, don't worry about citing it.)

Though you do need to back up your point with reasoning and facts, please don't make this merely a research paper, in which you regurgitate the present state of things. The evidence may come from elsewhere, but the idea should be your own.

Please be sure to thoroughly vet and honestly critique your idea; you probably don't have time to marshall lots of examples or include lots of "filler,." Editing is as important as writing, perhaps more.

Consider all possible "influencers;" remember, you're not just dealing with technology, but also, potentially:
- Law
- Economics
- Psychology
- Etiquette
..and certainly other factors I've not mentioned here.

Resist the temptation to turn the technology into "magic," Indeed, that's part of the problem. By this point in the course, you should have a good idea of what technology can — but more importantly what it CANNOT do. As an example, "popularity" and "getting people to adopt a technology" is MUCH harder than it appears.

Also resist the temptation to give me a laundry list of items; I've never read a good paper that starts with "Here are some good ways to protect your privacy."

Work must be turned in in an open, non-proprietary format. These include but are not limited to:

Text (.txt)
Rich Text (.rtf)
HTML (.htm, html)
XML (.xml)
OpenOffice (.odt, .odf, .sxw.)
AbiWord (.abw)

Closed formats such as Microsoft Office, Word, Works, and Wordperfect are all UNACCEPTABLE. This policy may be unorthodox; however, it is the only way to guarantee that I will be able to open and possibly modify your classwork.

It is perfectly acceptable (actually, preferable) to paste your paper directly into Blackboard as text; take note of formatting with newlines and such.