Team Presentation

For this assignment, you will focus on a modern PROBLEM (or OPPORTUNITY), one in which modern technology is, or could be, a big factor. Your problem must be NARROW and SPECIFIC — e.g. not "Piracy" but perhaps "How to preserve the vitality of classical music by ensuring that classical musicians as individuals are fairly compensated for their work." Here, I've assumed certain parts of the problem in the statement of the question. You will need to do that too.

A good format, then is:

PROBLEM: Even though classical music is culturally valuable and relevant, currently classical musicians are unable to sustain a living at this craft.

SOLUTION: Using X technology and Y campaign, we plan to ensure classical musicians get paid fairly while preserving the integrity of their work.

(you'd need more specificity for X and Y above)

As with the paper, figuring out your precise question and your thesis for solving it will probably be half the work: All problem-statements ought to be discussed with and approved by me beforehand. Things to keep in mind:

Consider all possible "influencers;" remember, you're not just dealing with technology, but also, potentially:
- Law
- Economics
- Psychology
- Etiquette
..and certainly other factors I've not mentioned here.

Your deliverable will be a URL, which links to some form of presentation. Format is generally up to you, but it must be viewable in most browsers and operation systems. Therefore, you may use simple HTML/CSS; you may use a website creation tool such as Weebly or Wix. use "Presentation" software such as Libreoffice Impress or Microsoft Powerpoint, or you may simply use PDF. Slides, videos and pictures are all optional — but there must be between 500-1000 words of original material. All borrowed/copied material must be clearly indicated as such.