Team Instructions

Created Tuesday 20 May 2014


- Complete reading assignments.

- Determine which team you are on and remember your team number. Look below. Try a Ctrl-F find if you are having trouble finding your team assignment. Also, remember your other team members so you can PM them in class if they're unsure.

- Join the elluminate room. When prompted for your name, prepend your team number and a space to your name. For example, if I were assigned to team 4, I would enter my name like the following, no quotes:

"4 John Marks"

This way, when elluminate "alphabetizes" the students in the class, each team will be visually grouped together. This will make it much easier for the professor or TA to put each team in their private elluminate rooms.

- Listen to and participate in the days lecture (Remind the professor to record the lecture if he has forgotten)


-When lecture is over, wait for the professor to put each student in her/his private chatroom. Microphones may be used here.

- Read the discussion question once the professor has posted it. The discussion question will be posted to the Discussions Section of canvas. (and NOT in elluminate itself, this will help ensure that each student knows how to access the the discussion board. Please do NOT repost the question to the whiteboard in elluminate.)

-Discuss and answer the discussion question(s). Post your response to the discussion board AS A REPLY to the main discussion question. Remember to:

1) Make sure your subject line contains the team number (and optional chosen name)
2) In the body of the initial post, indicate who was present for the discussion that day.
3) Feel free to comment and discuss on others' posts; keep it civil, obviously.

Message or email the professor if you have any questions.

You need to be logged into Canvas to see the team assigments. If you are logged into Canvas, simply scroll down from here; the teams are under this "window-in-a-window." Alternatively, you may simply email the professor or private message him in class.

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