FINAL Main Assignment Rubric and grading spec

Created Friday 19 October 2018

In an effort to balance the diverse needs of the students in this class, my plan is to use a singular "specs-grading" system for the assignments in the class, roughly corresponding to each of the individual web-design assignments. You will simply recieve one final score that will comprise 50% of your grade (the code assessment) in the class. Here are the requirements, in increasing order of grade values.

To recieve a 70% grade, you must:

(It MUST accessible from your FSU provided server, proving that you understand and are able to accomplish the necessary administrative tasks)

To receive a 75%, you must do the above, plus

It must include

To recieve a 80%, you must do the above, plus your site..

To recieve an 90%, you must do the above, plus your site must have..

Some CSS styling, as follows:

To recieve a 95%, you must do the above, plus your site must have

To recieve 100%, you must do the above plus

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