Our Servers

Created Friday 29 September 2017

Some information on our servers:

The default password is (available in canvas or in the email announcement)

Most of what you need to know (for now) is available when you visit the main http://lis536x.cci.fsu.edu website, which has information on transferring files.

One thing you ought to do is change your password; you can do this by accessing the administrative backend available to you, visit http://lis536x.cci.fsu.edu:10000 and login. Under Server Configuration on the side you may change the password. That should be enough for now.

Your (rather simple) homework then is to create a file, name it "hello.html" and have the contents of it be "hello world." It will need to go into the "public_html" folder.

You can verify if this worked or not by visiting (yourfsuid).lis536x.cci.fsu.edu/hello.html.

Good Luck!

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