Week 7 Notes

Created Tuesday 23 June 2020

Invisible Barbecue:

FCC - Telephone
FCC- Radio/Television: Scarcity -> Censorship

3 big things about the internet:

  1. Packet Switched
  2. Digitization
  3. PUBLICLY FUNDED "utility"

Telephones: Circuit Switched Network (Smart)
Internet: Packet Switched Network (Dumb)

(illustration of 1 and 2)
"Here, send this packet to someone closer to the destination than you, also I'm going to send more than I need just in case someone's stupid"

  1. C D B (1 of 4)
  2. A E E (2 of 4) etc...
  3. F A E
  4. E D F

encrypted? Cafe Dead Beef.... (groan)


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