Created Wednesday 13 March 2019

MSIT Degree: (pp 37-39)

Chair Comment: No change?
Chair Comment: No change?
Chair Comment: I'm not particularly familiar with this class, but it plays a large role in other IEP outcomes as well, for better or worse.

General Chair Comment: One could argue that one of these ought to perhaps be more technical, but I'm not sure if we need to go down that road as of yet.

Information and Leadership Management Certificate: pp 11-13

PO - Preparing Ladership and Management Professionals

Chair Comment: We've had issues with "when to apply", but I don't believe this is where we would address that.
SLOs -
Chair comment: NOTE, all 3 of the above come from the same assignment in the same class, LIS-5442. Not sure if this would be an issue, but if so, we could consider separating this out, e.g. I could put that first one as a part of Info Policy.

Information Architecture Certificate: (pp 8-10)

PO - again, the "When to apply issue"

Chair Comment: We've had longer discussions about revamping this entirely to better fit "industry standards" — but for present purposes I'm comfortable with how this is.

Health Information Technology Certificate: (pp: 1-3)


Chair Comment: Comments from others are very welcome.

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