2021 Strategic Plan Draft

Mission Statement:
We recognize that the true value in technological development isn’t code or devices; it’s people.

As such, our goal is the following: To maintain and cultivate the good faith and hard work of tech creators — both as individuals with livelihoods to protect, as well as an integral part of society dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

For the better part of a decade, the Jane and John Marks Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing technology knowledge to the underserved, has been hard at work — and thanks to that work, the foundation presently sits at the center of a number of projects, entrepeneurial and non-profit, creative, educational, scientific and exploratory efforts and people — all seeking to improve our world through technology.

The start of 2021 presents an especially pivotal conflation of crisis and opportunity. The crisis is unfortunately readily apparent to all. The challenge of the Covid pandemic has forced everyone to rethink and increasingly rely on technology as the core driver of everything in our lives — even as circumstances make clear that common practices, education, and consensus on the use of technology are painfully far from maturity.

We can, and will, help.

As the world changes and evolves to meet new challenges, so do we — and we invite you to be a part of the movement. We are preparing for the next phases of the Jane and John Marks Foundation — thanks our outreach efforts, we have achieved unprecented access to volunteer effort and resources, and we're ready to get to work.

Join us as we embark on three major projects of focus.
- Techwise.io, the foundation's user-facing virtual hub and new organizational center for volunteers and citizens
- The TCC Downtown Center
- The JJMF Community Outreach Center

Below, please find a list of Main Goals and Action Items for the new year.

Techwise.io - the Online/Virtual Hub

Techwise.io will be transformed into a virtual online space to support our mission, serving as both a gateway to various social media meeting places and resources, as well as hub for tutorials, videos, and other learning resources — presented by accessible and knowledgable members of your community.

Techwise.io planning: General website design, planning, and development

MAIN GOAL - Design a website that will serve as the hub for the foundation's activities, on and offline

Techwise.io planning: Online community creation and moderation

MAIN GOAL - Through appropriate and useful communication mediums, develop a healthy, thriving community for all interested participants, through techwise.io


Techwise.io planning: Educational content creation, curation, and moderation

MAIN GOAL: Cultivate and spread useful, independent and accessible tech knowledge for all, through techwise.io


Entrepeneurial Onboarding Model Creation

MAIN GOAL: Create a healthy environment for aspiring and established entrepeneurs to make valuable and mutually beneficial connections with tech creators


TCC Downtown Center

MAIN GOAL: Establish the TCC Downtown Space as a physical hub for the Foundation's efforts


JJMF Community Center

MAIN GOAL: Establish the JJMF Community Center as a point of outreach for the underexposed in our community


Grant and Revenue Committee

MAIN GOAL: Ensure ongoing financial support for the Foundation


Backlinks: JJMF-Techwise Docs