This is just a test page

Be sure to review your answers. Once you hit submit, you will be taken to a page that will show you your responses (in a bit of a weird format.)
You may review your responses there. If you see a mistake, you can use the back button and change your response.
This will generate a NEW submission -- while I will see EVERY submission, I will only grade the LAST one you submit. Either way BE SURE OF THE FOLLOWING:
1) that you gave me your name or FSUID as appropriate and
2) take note of and write down your confirmation code (corresponding to the set of answers you wish graded, which is overwhelmingly likely to be the last one. If it is not, definitely let me know.)

Good luck!


1. Is it true or false?
a. True
b. False

2. no seriously
a. True
b. False

3. What should you blame it on
a. Sunshine
b. Moonlight
c. Good times
d. Boogie

4. Whats the best letter?
a. B
b. D
c. A
d. C

5. how many times am I going to hit submit?
a. None, I get it
b. Only ONCE, I am curious about what the submission page looks like.

6. Honestly I VERY RARELY do fill in the blank or essays on this but heres your chance!