On My Online Quizzes

Here is a guide to how I administer online quizzes. (I do not use so-called "proctoring" services; they are presently unnacceptably intrusive and should be used by no one.) Thus, unless I specify otherwise, the quiz will be "open-materials" and you are on your honor to not consult any live humans.

The time format may vary, but here is how they work; in the spirit of practicing what you preach (or eating your own dog-food, as they say in the IT biz,) I administer quizzes with a tool a wrote myself.

Very simply, when it is time, I will make the URL public to the class, which will mark the official "start" of the quiz. This page will take you to a standard HTML form full of multiple choice (radio button, if you're familiar with html) questions. You should do the following:

1) ENSURE that your fsuid (the one with your initials that's part of your email) is entered
2) Answer the questions.

Be sure to review your answers. Once you hit submit, you will be taken to a page that will show you your responses (in a bit of a weird format) Also, importantly, it will show you a private confirmation code at the bottom. This is how I will uniquely identify you and your submission in case of a problem (if I have only one submission from your ID, I can safely assume it is yours). If you are good with your answers,
great, you're done! In addition to the URL, in Canvas, there will be a "Quiz" or "Midterm Assignment." Simply "turn" in your final confirmation code; or better yet, copy and paste your entire final answer page, including the code, into Canvas. This will serve as a backup, since your answers will already be on my server.

HOWEVER, If, upon review, you see a mistake - no worries! You can use the back button and change your response(s). Note that this will generate a NEW submission and a new confirmation code -- while I will see every submission, I, by default, will grade the LAST one you submit. Again, obviously, submit to Canvas the set of answers you wish graded.

Good luck!

Test quiz if you REALLY want to see what it's like: http://jrm4.com/testquiz/output.html

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