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Created Friday 07 May 2021


Current Invitation Link https://discord.gg/GyZSjguw
(note, this will expire after a week or 100 uses, please email or otherwise contact me if this needs to be updated or if you need an invite)

A little extra on "Why Discord?"

It's overwhelmingly the best tool for group work I've used in my 14+ years of teaching online; I'd go so far to say that it is the only major improvement I've seen since I've been teaching in that time. Despite being "young" in appearance and very "gamer oriented," it's the only groupwork tool I've seen that actually treats its users like adults. Consider the metaphor; in Zoom and Collaborate et al, for live sessions, you're mostly treated like toddlers: the moderator has ultimate control and must escort the "children" to their work rooms. Discord gives the option of coming and going as you please, even if it's not during class hours. Moreover, the relationship between text chat (e.g. the audio/video and text, a la "Slack" et al) is much better integrated. Additionally, the experience is nearly identical regardless of operating system or device. (When someone like me is recommending something *proprietary* — that's a strong signal to how I feel about it. ☺ )

(Incidentally, the fact that it is gamer-oriented probably explains how it has grown to be so good — everyone who started off using Discord did so willingly for fun, as opposed to being forced to by employers et al)

Major caveat:

The one thing I don't like about discord is its deep centralization. It uses the somewhat false metaphor of "servers." Many of you may already have Discord accounts, and while it does let you change your particular nickname per "server," your avatar picture and permanent "nickname" cannot be changed across different servers. I ask everyone to respect this in both directions, i.e. you may want to change it to something more appropriate, but also, I acknowledge and respect the choice to express yourself within reason, and ask others to do the same. You may also want to consider creating another account.

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