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+Using Linux and the Command Line

Week 5 - Linux and the Command Line

The basics:

Continuation of an idea from last time:

Read AT LEAST the first 4 sections (Intro, MGBs, Tanks and Batmobiles, BitFlinger, and GUIs) — the rest is optional, but pretty good:


What you can do with very little:

a little "language" in here, forgive me

For the Practical ☺


Dont have to read - but a good reference:

Week 4 - Hardware and Virtualization

Does Moore's Law Matter?


(Warning, strong language ahead. But, it makes for perhaps the most frank and honest discussion I've seen on the topic)

Does HARDWARE Matter?

On Shenzhen (you can stop before the "weave" thing)

Week 3 - History of Operating Systems



Cultural Defeat of Microsoft


Week 2 - From Numbers to Thinking

What is code?

What programming is

Basic Binary

(also this — brilliant!) -

Basic Algorithms


Turing Test?

Facebooks war on free will (with an excellent bit in the middle on algorithms)

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