LIS3353 - Technologies for Information Professionals

Welcome to the Course!

The first front page - in Canvas - is the primary source of material for this course; everything you need for the course will be available here. Many links go through (including a mirror of this page for backup and emergency purposes); feel free to browse that as well. Links to all tools and readings will be available from the front page.

The official method for contacting me is in person during class, or via email, at . Please never use Canvas Conversations with me (the messaging tool in Canvas).

This is presently a Flex class, meaning that while I will always be in the classroom in person - you are presently permitted to attend in person or online. These will be administered in Blackboard Collaborate (not Zoom). here is the link:

Finally, this class does have a group work component, involving discussions as well as a group project. I have found Discord to be an excellent tool for this, and I do have a (so-called) FSU server for this purpose. You may join here, please follow the instructions once you get in. Discord also makes for a convenient backup solution to Collaborate, which sometimes fails. If you'd like to join, go here and follow the instructions about letting me know which class you're in. (continually updated) — Note, Discord will *never* be mandatory.

No textbooks are required, and nothing is due for the first class.

Note: this is typically a fully in-person class, and naturally, the pandemic has and will force us to make adjustments — and I am presently unsure as to the preferences, needs, and wishes of class participants. Please be honest and candid, as well as patient with your fellow classmates, about your needs, preferences and wishes, especially in the first few sessions — so that we may best be able to conduct class.

About the Class


Official Syllabus

Team Assignments — in CANVAS only, since they are private. Click Pages and you will see links to both teams' listings.

Linux Install Videos

Week 4 - Hardware


Does Moore's Law Matter?


(Warning, strong language ahead. But, it makes for perhaps the most frank and honest discussion I've seen on the topic)

Does HARDWARE Matter?

On Shenzhen

Week 1/2/3 Readings


What is code?

What programming is

Basic Binary

(also this — brilliant!) -

Basic Algorithms


Turing Test?

Facebooks war on free will (with an excellent bit in the middle on algorithms)

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