LIS5367 - Advanced Web Applications

Welcome to the Course!

+Final Project Rubric

+PHP Example Code


This front page - in Canvas - is the primary source of material for this course; everything you need for the course will be available here. Many links go through (including a mirror of this page for backup and emergency purposes); feel free to browse that as well.

The course will be administered through Zoom - Course Zoom Link - In Canvas, under Pages - Zoom Link

Note: I'm also a big fan of Discord. It is in no way required, but I will make my semi-private (non-profit) Discord server available to you all, with a channel dedicated to this class. You may use this for class-wide discussions, as well as a meeting point if you'd like to use Discord instead of the Zoom rooms.

Contacting me should be done through regular email, at ( It is my informed opinion that "Canvas Conversations" should be avoided by all, standard email much better respects autonomy and privacy.)

Required Course Tools - 5367

Pre-Assignment 0 - Hello World on Torch

Notes on AI

Project Ideas

Advanced Resources

Week 6 - Intro to PHP
Excellent explanation of the WHY

Additional Resources

Installing things:

Part 1 is here (again, go ahead and just *stop* at about the 30 min mark, and then do the below)

Week 2 - Review of HTML and CSS basics


Interesting, fun, perhaps useful

Excellent explanation of the WHY

Additional Resources

optional readings: the below are from 5362, but may prove useful here:

on programming and the web, generally:


Time permitting : A clever thing on CODE in general. Huge, but I've found it to be worth it.

First, a harsh and honest assessment of the web, via discussion

So basic, but a good place to start:


Good discussion of the "Is HTML a Language" thing.

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