LIS5364 - Web Development and Administration

Welcome Notes
+Final Project

Last Semester's Informal Final Project Groups


+Bash Resources


Week 8 - Networking and the Shell

Local Tunnel options (like Ngrok)

Week 7 - "Installing Stuff" resources
Top X list of Linux Distros -
Pi -

Mostly just about the "flatpak" thing:

Week 6 - Linux Continued

+Assignment 2 - MAD LIBS (ongoing)

Week 5 - Linux and the Command Line

+Assignment 1
and what we will continue with next week

Some resources:

If you have some familiarity with other languages - is great.
Some of the stuff in here we haven't gotten to, but the bits on variables and quotes are very good -

A very quick intro in video form

For those who want to get an early start: Here is the (likely much longer and multi-week):

Week 3 Materials - Intro to Linux

Hey folks, I was pleasantly surprised to see that some videos I created before detailing the install are still available. I recommend giving this a shot before class next week and we can see how we do. I can provide intermittent support via email or on Discord.
First, the videos, especially if that's a good way for you to learn. Note that while the in the video I use Linux Mint, these days I actually prefer MX Linux — try the first link available here:

Home:Installing Linux (Mint) onto VirtualBox Video Demonstrations

More information available at Using Linux and the Command Line

A preview of what else we will be gitting into.

On Virtualization and Containers (you can stop before the "weave" thing)

Backlinks: FSU Courses