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Created Thursday 05 January 2023


Required Course Tools - 5364
Using Linux

Linux Install Videos

Assignment 2 - MAD LIBS (ongoing) - UPDATED with turn in instructions

Final Project
Informal Final Project Groups

Week 11 - Networking

Local Tunnel options (like Ngrok)

Week 9 - More Installing Stuff resources

Installing Stuff Notes
Top X list of Linux Distros -
Pi -

Week 8 - Bash Scripting Continued

Along with the slides above, here are more resources about Bash.

If you have some familiarity with other languages - is great.
Some of the stuff in here we haven't gotten to, but the bits on variables and quotes are very good -

A very quick intro in video form

For those who want to get an early start: Here is the (likely much longer and multi-week):

Week 7 - Scripting

Week 6 - Command Line Continued

Keep browsing our resources.

Week 5 - The Command Line

You may browse the following for more info, but for now begin working on the command line project.

Bash Resources

Week 4 Readings

The basics:

Continuation of an idea from last time:

Read AT LEAST the first 4 sections (Intro, MGBs, Tanks and Batmobiles, BitFlinger, and GUIs) — the rest is optional, but pretty good:

Weeks 1/2/3