LIS-5362 - Design and Production of Networked Multimedia

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Markdown Assignment


Week 1 -
Week 4 -
Week 5 -
Week 7 - Binary Slides: ./5362-binary.pdf
Stacks and Such -

Additional Resources


Tech Guides:HTML

Week 15 - From here

Week 14 - Web and Stacks

Additional Readings / Information

Readings in Reverse Chronological Order

Week 13 - The Primacy of Text, Revisited

Other links beyond regular "articles" included for your perusal


The alternative: WYSIWYM

(another very long one that I think is worth it:)


NOTE: the below are not readings, but resources to explore

Pandoc - Absolute swiss army knife here:


Markdown, generally

Tools that use Markdown

Pandoc, above - also:

The Markdown-alikes

Can probably convert:



Week 10 - Advanced CSS

Week 8 - CSS

Review last two weeks.

Week 7 - Intro to CSS/ Binary and Color Theory

If you want to be like a supergenius

Week 6 - Advanced HTML/Intro to CSS

Week 5 - HTML Proper

First, a harsh and honest assessment of the web, via discussion

So basic, but a good place to start:


Good discussion of the "Is HTML a Language" thing.

Week 4 - Linux, files, and Servers

(this should have been in last weeks readings BUT I JUST FOUND IT. We will dig deeper into this around Week 13, but this is a good "Why learn HTML/CSS now")

File Transfer
(You don't NEED to read past "Using SSH with Github" — and even the key stuff might be a little obtuse, but we will go over it)

Text editing (this is solid, except "control" which is *exactly* wrong)

Week 2 - Intro to the Modern Web


Time permitting : A clever thing on CODE in general. Huge, but I've found it to be worth it.

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