LIS-5362 - Design and Production of Networked Multimedia

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+Required Course Tools - 5362 - generally correct, though this is a work in progress

Week 14 - THE FUTURE (is now) - Compression, Multimedia, and AI


Week 13 - Web Publishing Strategies

Week 12 - Javascript

Week 11 - Client and Server Side


Week 7 - HTML and CSS

Week 6 - Binary and Colors

If you want to be like a supergenius

Week 5 - Review week 4 material:

Week 4 - Text and HTML

First, a harsh and honest assessment of the web, via discussion

So basic, but a good place to start:


Good discussion of the "Is HTML a Language" thing.

Week 3 Supplemental Readings and Information

General interest readings:

Technical Information

(You don't NEED to read past "Using SSH with Github" — and even the key stuff might be a little obtuse, but we will go over it)

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