Markdown Assignment

Created Tuesday 09 November 2021

Roughly, you will create a simple webpage (or pages) by exporting content from a tool, upload that page, and turn in the URL.

Creating the page(s)

Use either Zim ( )

OR any another Markdown editor, e.g.:

or even

Include some non-standard formatting, e.g. Headers, Bold, Bulletpoints, etc; the content is up to you. Please avoid e.g. Microsoft Word for this task.

Export the page(s)

All of the named above have some function to export to HTML. Do so. In Zim it is simply File -> Export, then follow the prompts. Most defaults are fine, but feel free to play around.

Upload the Page(s)

Upload your pages to Torch, a la

Ensure that your page (or your first main page if doing multiple) is available at the following. Case sensitive, and please do not deviate from this format:
(note the tilde, and of course replace "FSUID" with your fsuID)