LIS4910 - Project Management

Welcome! This class will be administered here and in Blackboard; you can find Announcements, Assignments, and Project Teams in Blackboard; reference materials will be found here.


Calendar (raw html ahead:)
Grand Project Management Overview

Week 1 - Introductions

Grand Project Management Overview

What is Project Management - an older guide

Week 2 - The Fictitious Project - Due May 20

Fictitious Project Assignment Rubric - PLEASE TURN IN AS A PDF.

Reminder: Your Assignment ought to have (at least) 5 parts:

  1. Project Charter
  2. Goal Breakdown Schedule
  3. Work Breakdown Schedule
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Project Budget

Somewhere in the above (1 or 2) you should make a statement about scope of work, as well.

Unless you can think of a better way, a good format for 3, the Work Breakdown Schedule, is to use the 5 part PMI process as explained in the slides and in class, and in the WBS Guide below.

Ficticious Project Management 2016 Slides - Slightly different from basic project mangement above. Deal. :)

Work Breakdown Schedule Guide - Probably the "newest" part of Project Management Skills you will be learning. Remember to consider SMART objectives.

Week 2: Personal Project Management Resources: For the Individual.

Why Text?
F*** The Cloud (lots of profanity ahead) - the milder, and very good point here: the Cloud is a PARTY.

Zim. The Best Program Ever Made

GTD by David Allen

Week 3 - Communication Theory and Skills

Communication Theory for Project Management

THURSDAY, MAY 26 - QUIZ ON Project Management Terms - Glossary

Week 4 - Getting Started with your (real) Project Charter

./Project Charters.pdf

Project Charter References:

NOTE: This is long and dry. If you don't know how to begin, START with this, but be ready to pare it down. Which is how you should think about MOST writing.

Week 5 - Communication Plans


— Project Management Communication Plans
Schwalbe on Communication
Communication Plan Template docfile
Another one

Week 6 - Scope - GBS - WBS


Week 7 - Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart and Software Info

Week 8 - Risk Management

Basic Risk Management
Schwalbe on Risk
Risk Template

Week 9 - Monitoring and Control

Schwalbe on M and C

Week 10 - The "New" Project Management

The Management Myth - Why most "management" literature is pointless
Updating the Sabotage Field Manual - Interesting way to consider, as in "do the opposite of this"
How crazy, terrible things become "normal"
15 Laws of Software Development (that apply to other stuff)

..that being said

the classics (go look them up)

How to Win Friends and Influence People
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Unintuitive Management Things

Software has DISeconomies of scale

Fancy New Paradigms

Lean Management & SixSigma

Waterfall (traditional)

Agile Manifesto



Individual stuff
My passion was my weak spot
Mike Rowe on (not) following your passion
David Foster Wallace Commencement

Week 11 — Closeout and Handoff

./New Handoff.pdf


Project Management Glossary- ./glossary.pdf
Smart Objectives - ./smartobjectives.pdf
Effective Commmunication - ./EffectiveComm.pdf

Various Articles and Ideas


Six Sigma

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