Note: This is the official set of specs for FALL 2021.

In an effort to balance the diverse needs of the students in this class, my plan is to use a singular "specs-grading" system for the assignments in the class, roughly corresponding to each of the individual web-design assignments. You will simply recieve one final score that will comprise 50% of your grade (the code assessment) in the class.

Note: I will NOT be posting the official set of specs all at once; they will be updated periodically in accordance with class material. You may review the last set of specifications here. I can guarantee they won't change extensively, but I cannot guarantee they will be identical. I recommend, but do not require, following along with the class and not jumping ahead.

Here are the requirements, in increasing order of grade values.

To recieve a 50% grade, you must:

Have a self-created main page, available via through clicking a URL. It must display some text.

By putting another folder named


in the folder designated at (substituting your FSUID for "FSUID", of course)


and subsquently putting inside of the "lis5362" folder a file named


It should be available exactly at the following URL (note it is DIFFERENT from the above, i.e. the tilde and the public_html folder present differences)

By using the name "index.html" for the file, this should also make it available at simply

To recieve a 60% grade, you must do the above, plus:

Your webpage must conform to a standard html format. (It need not "validate" perfectly, but it must follow the basic structure of an HTML Document)

It must include

See e.g.

To recieve a 70%, you must do the above, plus your site..

To recieve an 80%, you must do the above, plus your site..

Some CSS styling, as follows:

The specs for recieving a higher grade are forthcoming.

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