Assignment 1

You may work on these in your groups. Please answer all questions but each individual person needs to turn in their answers to Canvas. It is permissible for your answers within your team to be identical, i.e. if your team worked on a single document, send to each other, and turn that in — that is perfectly acceptable. They don't need to be submitted until the end of the week, so you may want to, e.g. trade emails with team members to copy and send your answers.

1) Each of the following search sites is not Google. For each, explain in a sentence or two exactly how they differ from Google.

2) View and consider the following websites. After careful consideration, precisely but concisely explain what each of them is designed to do. One sentence for each can do, but it should be complete and thorough.

3) For each of the following questions; first, briefly describe your search and selection strategy in 2 or 3 sentences and THEN give your answer (2 or 3 sentences if necessary)

  1. You have music on an old computer in your house. You want that music to play on a different computer in your house. How would you make this happen? Explain why this strategy is superior to others for you.

  1. Someone patented a thing that spins a scoop of ice cream around in a circle so that you can lick it easier. What is the patent number?

4) No need to write a lot, but consider the following for discussion; which is better, Wikipedia or traditional print encyclopedias? Why?