Raw LIS3353 Slides

Created Monday 23 August 2021
OLD LIS3353 - HArdware text

LIS3353 - Compression to Thinking

Test Slides
LIS-3353 - Software and Code (2023)

LIS-3353 - Computers and Thinking
LIS-3353 - Hardware
LIS-3353 - Software
LIS-3533 - Software Fall 2022
LIS-3353 - The Internet

LIS-3353 - not Math and Instructions

Algorithms and Milkshakes




+LIS-3353 - Linux, The GUI and the Command Line:LIS-3353 - Freely Available Information
LIS-3353 - FAI II

LIS-3353 - New First Day
LIS-3353 - Command Line

LIS-3353 - From Numbers to Thinking EXTREME

+LIS-3353 - Linux, The GUI and the Command Line