About the Class

Created Tuesday 04 January 2022

The class is designed to serve as an introduction to important technical ideas and concepts in IT through the lenses of the past, present and future. It is not only designed to teach you technical specifics, but to provide you with a mental toolbox to be able to understand underlying causes and shapes of IT in general.

Ideally, in-class discussions are the "center" of the course. Most weeks — after my lecture, student groups will be expected to engage and lead thoughtful discussion about the week's topic. Additionally, each team will be expected to write a short weekly response.

Individual assignments will focus first on general topics, leaning into more technical assignments. As both the primary operating system of the "cloud" as well as presently the only way to have true freedom in computing, the Linux Operating System will figure big.

Finally, there will be a culminating group project designed to bring together both the theoretical and the technical. Student groups will be expected to work on and document a "self-hosted" solution to an IT opportunity or problem.


About Me
About The TA
How we communicate

Finally, all of the below is up in the air


What we do

Classes will consist of LECTURES, DISCUSSIONS, and "LABWORK"


Because they're FASCINATING, duh.
And also to prep you for Quizzes and Discussion Work


Okay, fine, these are more fascinating. Led by you!


In Class Time dedicated to supporting Individual and Group Work.


Discussion work

Individual Assignments

NOTE: For this, you will eventually need access to a Linux computer, possibly virtual, that you have "root" on. If you don't get this, don't worry, all will be explained in detail. But you can buy a raspberry pi for this.


Final Project

With your team, you will work on document a self-hosted, internet enabled, idea or service of some kind.


UNIT I - How we got here

UNIT II - Where are we going?

*and imaginary internet money and overpriced cartoon monkeys
** no seriously, why not just right click and save the overpriced cartoon monkeys?

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