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Week 14 - Privacy and Wrapping up


Privacy, broadly

Little Brother?

On "Innovation"

And, not mandatory, but a good start:
Probably start here and rewind:
and then:

Week 13 - Freely Available Information

The basics:



Browse :
(Take special note of the "fifth" fair use factor)



Week 11 - Social Media

./2023-Fall 15 - LIS3353-Social Media.pdf

Social Media Is a Denial-of-Service Attack on Your Mind
Death of the private self: how fifteen years of Facebook changed the human condition | Facebook | The Guardian
Taibbi on Facebook: Can We Be Saved From the Social Media Giant? - Rolling Stone
As Buyers Circle, Could Twitter Be Better Off As A Nonprofit? : All Tech Considered : NPR
Facebook fake-news writer - I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me
Battling coronavirus misinformation in the age of social media | Coronavirus | The Guardian
For Rogue Twitter, You Need Burner Phone, Anonymous Email
Why RSS Still Beats Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News
RSS Is Better Than Twitter

Week 10 - Anonymity (and Social Surplus?)


In the news:




Playing with toys while people are dying?

Social Surplus

Flashmobs (read only the Chapter 7:Faster and Faster bit)

Networked Production


Week 9 - A & M II

The following is 100% ONLY MY PERSONAL OPINION and should not be relied upon as legal or financial advice.,_Pulsechain,_and_PulseX,_the_crypto_things_Im_into.html

Week 8 - Algorithms and Milkshakes I

this just in...

How Encryption Works
A little more on SSL

Summary of NIST's Rules — surprised?

Apple's Method

Hashing for Verification

Week 7 - Software II - From Numbers to Thinking


Basic Binary

(also this — brilliant!) -

Basic Algorithms

So. I couldn't find a solid, but simple, explanation of image compression. So I just asked ChatGPT to explain it to a highschooler.
Image Compression, by ChatGPT


Week 6 - The Internet

The history:

The barriers

DIY? Mesh, et al

The net; today:



Week 5 - Linux and the Command Line

The basics:

Continuation of an idea from last time:

Read AT LEAST the first 4 sections (Intro, MGBs, Tanks and Batmobiles, BitFlinger, and GUIs) — the rest is optional, but pretty good:


What you can do with very little:

a little "language" in here, forgive me

For the Practical ☺


Dont have to read - but a good reference:

Week 4 - History of Software



Cultural Defeat of Microsoft

Week 3 - Software I - Why code?

What is code?

What programming is

On Text

Week 2 - Hardware and Virtualization

Does Moore's Law Matter?


(Warning, strong language ahead. But, it makes for perhaps the most frank and honest discussion I've seen on the topic)

Does HARDWARE Matter?

On Shenzhen (you can stop before the "weave" thing)