Black Supremacy

The title is inspired by a goofy tweet from Terry Crews, something along the lines of “we need white participation (true) else Black Supremacy will take over (what?)”

Not going to praise or bury Mr. Crews here, though I do think his presence in Hollywood and how it plays out is worth paying attention to. Note that he is the most famous (non-football playing) person with his sort of appearance, and it’s unfortunately 100% clear that the American Fame Machine has demanded him to “be non-threatening” to a ridiculous extreme for him to retain the place he has in showbiz. If he wants to do it, it’s fine, that’s his personality. But it’s now the job of the USA to realize what an absurd standard it is, and, of course, not hold all black men to it. But, actually, that’s not really what I wanted to talk about.

“Black Supremacy.” There’s a bit of truth to it, at least in one regard that I can easily identify. It, of course, doesn’t exist in force of power — but it does in “collective political wisdom,” and now it is time for all good people to defer to it. Put simply, we discuss and vote correctly about politics far more than any other easily identifiable demographic, check the numbers.

The irony, or perhaps the cause, even — is how the Black vote gets questioned time and time again as if it could be fooled. I’m thinking way back in ancient history when there was a discussion over whether Pete Buttigieg would have to deal with black homophobia in the ballot box. The answer (if it had come to it, i.e. if he had been the nominee) was always “hell, no” — but it’s funny and perhaps bizarre that the question would always come up.

Which, again, may be the cause. We discuss, we rant, we rhetorically fight, and generally, that gets us where we need to be (on which direction to vote, if nothing else.)

I feel the need to point out that this is also true in regard to some of our more colorful politicians, e.g. Marion Berry. I will simply say as I’ve said before; whatever he was doing the night before, he got up in the morning and fought like hell for black folks. Which is the only truly intelligent way to vote (i.e. Oh, you’re paying attention to what they do in their private life? Good chance you just got played.)

Perhaps that’s what this moment is; everyone waking up to the fact that we were right all along in so many ways. Let’s keep that up, for sure.

Quick thing I’ll discuss in detail later on. Sorry but definitely not sorry for making you come to my domain,, to read this — we should all be doing it this way because this is a self (in my case, Black) ownership type of thing as much as any other. Zuck loves Trump.

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