One Shots:
Robert Muth: Better Bash Scripting in 15 Minutes
pickhardt/betty · GitHub
Ledger CLI Accounting
shell script - Find all folders in a directory with the same content - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Recovering deleted files using only grep
lua - Setting windows layout for a specific application in awesome-wm - Stack Overflow
SSH Tricks
Remind Cookbook - Roaring Penguin
gurgeh/selfspy · GitHub
Boom Is a Badass Text Snippets Tool for the Command Line
DTVD/rainbowstream · GitHub
Pla command line gannt charts
Easy todo script - shell script - simple todo list, simple contact management, simple password management, simple notes
gpakosz/.tmux · GitHub
Datavu: Useful Unix commands for exploring data
junegunn/fzf · GitHub
[SOLVED] Reading lines to an array and generate dynamic zenity list
alebcay/awesome-shell · GitHub
maebert/jrnl · GitHub
I've always used bash. Is there a good reason to explore other shells? : linux

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