Start a VNC Server on Ubuntu on Boot

[ubuntu] HOWTO: Headless GNOME VNC Server on Lucid Lynx Desktop
I had to do quite a lot of digging before I managed to work out how to do this. It turns out to be reasonably straight forward, and so here is my howto all in one place. Objective: Connect to my Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) Desktop machine (which does not have a screen or keyboard) using a remote desktop viewer and get my usual GNOME desktop interface. And have the desktop persist while I am not disconnected. NOTE: I have recently discovered one niggly issue with some of the keys being messed up.


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Tuesday 03 February 2015

X11vnc - ArchWiki

Linux - X11VNC Server in Ubuntu 13.04
Oh hai,tightvncserver is hard to setup for me (always some problem), so I found x11vnc, which is easier (though the documentation says SECURITY RISK...

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Wednesday 04 February 2015



security - How to create a restricted SSH user for port forwarding? - Ask Ubuntu

Creating a Restricted SSH User for SSH Tunneling Only
This post explains how to create a restricted SSH user only for SSH tunneling on a Linux server: only login and logout will be possible for this user!

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Wednesday 04 February 2015




DMX Homepage

xorg - Desktop sharing with Xnest/Xephyr? - Stack Overflow

[ubuntu] Xdmx - black screen and no input







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