Notes and Future Ideas

Created Wednesday 01 April 2015

Here goes: First, a basic overview of what I use:

Linux Laptop. Recently picked up a new computer (the new Dell XPS 13) Dell is supposedly coming out with a very Linux friendly version, but I pulled the trigger early.

Raspberry Pi Home Server.

- rsync
- ip-flare

Paid hosting at (hey, you're here)

Android phone.

Below, a list of bits I hope to write:
- The best program ever written - Zim.
- When you want to see the Matrix - Vim.
- Everything besides "The Unix Way" is dumb.

- remind calendar
- Don't ask, tell: Aliases and Xbindkeys
- SSH and keys (since I've never seen it explained well and it took me forever to really grok

- Getting the Dell XPS 13 9343 Broadwell (the 2015) working with Linux

And things that I've dealt with, but not sure if I'll do a writeup:
- High DPI Displays (3200x1800) and Linux

Backlinks: Tech Guides