Overview of useful tech

Created Tuesday 28 November 2017

Stuff for everyone, regardless of Operating system

Zim - Greatest program ever created ☺ (Text-based personal notebook-wiki / Web Creator / Life-organizer )
Markdown - A smarter way to format text. (There are multiple "flavors" of markdown, zim's is slightly different)
GTD - Not "software," but a methodology for "Getting Things Done." You may find some of its ideas useful.

Firefox (by Mozilla) - A Free and Open Source browser; the only major one not used by a billion dollar company to extract data and money from you.
Pair with ublock origin and privacy badger for more safety. Visit the EFF for more info on this

Thunderbird (by Mozilla) - A Free and Open Source email client.

FB Purity - While there are fundamental problems with Facebook, this may improve your experience

Mostly Linuxy Stuff

AwesomeWM - A Tiling Window Manager for Linux; reduces unnecessary mouse usage for opening and using programs. I3 is another popular one.

Conky - What I used for my todo list / info on my desktop — also does fun "geek" stats and the like. (Linking to cool themes, the howtos are in the article)
Remind (date) - very simple text based calendar

Mutt (offlineimap + notmuch) - Terminal based email.

Tinc (or OpenVPN) - Tinc is a mesh VPN (for connecting all your computers/devices virtually)
MPD - Stream your music from your house or any other server

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