Updating a NOOBS-Raspbian SD Card for the Raspberry Pi 2 if you're having mounting trouble

Created Tuesday 12 May 2015

So I wanted to use an older NOOBS/Raspbian image for a new Raspberry Pi 2 — I mostly followed the instructions below:


BUT, and I imagine this is the same issue for a lot of people, I wasn't able to remove the SD card and mount it successfully in another machine. I imagine this has to do with whatever weirdness NOOBS uses to do partitions; additionally, the image I'm using was one I created with a 32 gig card.

The cool thing I discovered is that you don't HAVE to mount it in another computer, you can actually perform this update FROM the same machine. This is because the NOOBS partition that must be updated ISNT the same as the Raspbian one. So you can simply mount the first FAT16 partition and copy the appropriate files over. I used Midnight Commander. Hope this helps.

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