Bash Resources

*The default shell for most Linux distributions; also a language*


Good Reference

Huge Ridiculous List of Bash-specific Things

Huge Ridiculous List of general Terminal CLI things


Little Random Things

Bash on Data

An old-school extremely simple way to store passwords. -

Overview Materials - Learn Bash in y minutes: Very good if you're familiar with languages generally.



dump of old stuff that I'm not going through just yet

General guides

Bash General Guide
Advanced Bash Guide
Another good walkthrough of Bash

Basic, but specific, commands and functions

Brackets, Parentheses and Curly Braces, oh my

On "conditionals" in Bash (how to use if statements)
Conditional Expressions

"For" loops in Bash

For, While, and Until

The "DATE" command*
*Note, one bit that they don't talk about here is %s, which is the date as number of seconds since Jan 1, 1970. I find this really cool and useful, makes it easy to calculate time differences

SED (which is really another language, but heavily used with bash)


(which is also really another language, but also heavily used with bash)

Lists of quirks and cool things that other people have put together

(I've tried to do this roughly in order from "useful" to "obscure")


Bash History


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