Linux Desktops

Broadly, in my opinion, one of the worst things people do in Linux is to overfocus on "distribuitions" and even individual Window Managers and Desktop Environments, and not enough into making those as modular as everything else. While I like a lot of features in the new stuff, my main driver is still Openbox, customized

Linux Desktop
(Note how the page hasn't been updated in 8 or so years. I'd say this is the very rare case where it doesn't need to be, because the software is essentially finished)



Font rendering

Ensure there is an ~/.Xresources file (probably copy ~/.Xdefaults) -- and put something like the following in:

Xft.dpi:        96
Xft.antialias:  true
Xft.hinting:    true
Xft.rgba:       rgb
Xft.hintstyle:  hintslight

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