LIS5367 - Advanced Web Applications

Welcome to the course! Many of you are coming from LIS5362 and/or LIS5364. If you are not taking these courses in this order, AND you are a relative newcomer to front and and back-end web work, please contact me so I can ensure that we're all up to speed.

Note that the course is administered MAINLY here at Here you will find readings and schedules, and anything else that is suitable for public viewing.

Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments. Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at (I have piloted Canvas Conversations and determined that it is not worth the trouble. Regular email is both required and more beneficial overall, so we will keep it simple and only use that, you should probably do the same for your other courses unless your professor suggests otherwise.)

More than likely, Collaborate Ultra will be used for our in-class sessions. Any of the modern browsers should work fine for this, though, as always, I recommend Firefox (Lately, it's also now as fast as Chrome as well as being better for you). The official link to class is forthcoming.

There will be other requirements, computer-wise, but I will detail those in class. See you then!

If you'd like to review, please visit the page for the courses previous to this; LIS5362:LIS5362 and LIS5364; there will almost certainly be useful resources here for you.


PHP Example Code
PHP Assignment 1 - The Temperature Assignment

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