LIS4774 - Information Security

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This front page - in Canvas - is the primary source of material for this course; everything you need will be available here.

That being said, many links and resources required for the course, as well as a mirror of this front page, are hosted from, my personal site. Please feel free to browse there as well, but again, the Canvas page is primary.

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While there will be computer resources required, I will discuss these later; you don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up. The syllabus is below, and schedules and procedures will be discussed in class on the first day. See you then!

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On the first day, do not leave the class until the professor has taken attendance.

COMPLETE VM SecNet Instructions


Week 6 - Passwords and Hashing

Password Exercise

Continuation of before:

Good Comparison:

A little more on SSL

Summary of NIST's Rules — surprised?

Well, that sucks:

Speaking of.. whoa:

Hashing for Verification

Week 5 - Encryption

The tech:

Excellent intuitive explanation of the seemingly impossible part of cryptography.

Week 4 Lab

First Day Secnet Lab

Lab Exercise 1


Week 4 - Information Gathering

The basics - This stuff is easy.


IP basics



Cybersec Specific (don't need the trademarked tools to get the concepts)

What to do with it:

Week 3 - Security without the Cyber



"Skin in the game"




Week 2 - How we Got Here

Tue Sep 1 - Lecture: A Brief History of Computing

How we got here - Week 2 Slides

"How We Got Here"

What do you think of this evaluation?

Another Way: -

Thu Sep 3 - LAB: Virtual Machines

Week 1 - Introductions

Tue Aug 25 - Intro
Thu Aug 27 - LAB/Discussion: What is Cybersecurity even?
+Second Day Notes

Recordings Here
2020-08-25 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_1
2020-08-27 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_2
2020-09-01 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_3
2020-09-03 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_4
2020-09-08 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_5
2020-09-10 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_6
2020-09-15 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_7
2020-09-17 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_8
2020-09-22 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_9
2020-09-24 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_10
2020-09-29 LIS-4774 - Information Security - recording_11

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