LIS3353 - Technologies for Information Professionals

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How I use technology:Overview of useful tech

Welcome to the course! Note that the course is administered primarily at ( direct course link ) and secondarily through Canvas.

Most of the course, and anything suitable for public viewing will be at

Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments, and that is all. Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at (I have piloted Canvas Conversations and determined that it is not worth the trouble. Regular email is both required and more beneficial overall, so we will keep it simple and only use that.)

You don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up, the syllabus is below and the schedule will be discussed in class on the first day. See you then!

Final Projects:
Team Paper
Team Presentation

Linux Install Info

Week 1 - Hardware
Week 3 - From Numbers to Thinking
Week 4 - Operating Systems
Week 5 - Rise of FLOSS and Linux
Week 6 - The Internet
Week 7 - Algorithms and Milkshakes
Week 8 - UI and Languages (midterm week)
Week 9 - Freely Available Information ("Intellectual Property")
Week 10 - Practical Privacy and Anonymity
Week 11 - Cognitive Surplus and Social Media
Week 12 - The Scene

Week 13 - Hope.

./13 - LIS3353-hope.pdf


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