LIS3353 - Technologies for Information Professionals

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You don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up. The syllabus and calendar are below, and schedules and procedures will be discussed in class on the first day. See you then!





Week 14 - Wrapping it all up


On "Innovation"

And, not mandatory, but a good start:
Probably start here and rewind:
and then:

Week 13 - Social Media

./13 - LIS3353-Social Media.pdf

Week 12 - Social Surplus

./12 - LIS3353 Social-surplusfinal.pdf

Playing with toys while people are dying?

Social Surplus

Flashmobs (read only the Chapter 7:Faster and Faster bit)


Networked Production


Week 11 - Anonymity

./11- LIS3353-anonymity.pdf

In the news:





Optional, but recommended:

Week 10 - Practical Privacy



The basics:

Privacy, broadly

Little Brother?


Week 9 - Algorithms and Milkshakes


How Encryption Works

Apple's Method

Hashing for Verification

How Bitcoin Works

Week 7 - Interfaces and Languages


READ THIS AGAIN. or for the first time if you didn't before.

Browse for fun..


on UX

See, e.g.



dark patterns

Week 6 - The Internet

./06 LIS3353-Internet-T1801.pdf

The history:

The barriers

DIY? Mesh, et al

The net; today:

Net Neutrality Today

Week 5 - Linux and Such

./LIS3353 - Devices and Linux.pdf

Important things for class, thursday

Definitely do the following. Choose one of the below, visit the site, and download the large ISO file, probably the 64-bit one, and LTS if it is an option. Do *not* try to double click or open it. Just remember where you put it, probably your "Downloads" folder. Feel free to use Bittorrent if this is an option for you, this helps everybody out.

Note — *any* other GNU/Linux OS is permissible, but the most convenient support (both by others and in this class) is likely to be one of the above.

Another thing you may want to do to get ahead of the game is to download AND DO INSTALL Virtualbox for your computer.
Under platform packages, click on the "hosts" like that applies to your REAL operating system and download and install normally.

More info is available below, but you do not have to do this yet.
How I use technology:Linux

Week 4 - OS' and History




Cultural Defeat of Microsoft


Week 3 - Hardware

./03 LIS3353 - Hardware I-T1901.pdf

A good crossover reading from last week as well


A little old school, but good enough:

On Moore's Law

Does Moore's Law Matter?


(Warning, strong language ahead. But, it makes for perhaps the most frank and honest discussion I've seen on the topic)

Does HARDWARE Matter?

On Shenzhen

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Computing

./01 LIS3353 - Computers I - From Numbers to Thinking-T1901.pdf

Week 2 - From Binary to Thinking

./02 LIS3353- Computers II (Binary and Thinking)-T1901.pdf

(newly added)

What is code?

What programming is

Basic Binary

(also this — brilliant!) -

Basic Algorithms


Turing Test?

Facebooks war on free will (with an excellent bit in the middle on algorithms)

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