LIS3353 - Technologies for Information Professionals


Welcome to the Course!

This website (and not Canvas) is the primary location for information on the course. Most of the course, and anything suitable for public viewing will be available here.

That being said, Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments, and discussions (i.e. anything that is semi-private.)

Note: Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at (Messaging through Canvas will be ignored -- regular email is a better and safer tool for this purpose)

You don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up. The syllabus and calendar are below, and schedules and procedures will be discussed in class on the first day. See you then!


Final (hopefully?) Calendar

Week 9 - Anonymity

In the news:





Optional, but recommended:

Week 8 - Linux Install and Command line

In-Class Linux Install Info (in class slides - ./vbox.pdf


Week 7 - UI and Languages

READ THIS AGAIN. or for the first time if you didn't before.

on UX

See, e.g.



dark patterns

Week 6 - The Internet

./07 LIS3353-Internet-T1808.pdf

The history:

The barriers

DIY? Mesh, et al

The net; today:

Net Neutrality Today

Week 5 - History of Operating Systems

(looks like a lot, but they're all only a page or so...)

(new file, reload please)
./05-LIS3353 - History I T1808-final.pdf



Cultural Defeat of Microsoft


Bottom line?

A little more on GNU


User Level:

Raspberry pi

(not fully required reading, but very good to browse):
Cool looking learning resource:

Week 4 - Hardware

./04 LIS3353 - Hardware I-T1803.pdf

A reading around some of our discussions:

A good crossover reading for next week as well


A little old school, but good enough:

On Moore's Law

Does Moore's Law Matter?

Does HARDWARE Matter?

On Shenzhen

Week 3 - Fundamentals of Software

./01 LIS3353 - Computers I - From Numbers to Thinking-T808.pdf
./02 LIS3353- Algorithms and Intelligence T1808.pdf
./03 LIS3353- Binary.pdf

What is code?

What programming is

Basic Binary

(also this — brilliant!) -

Basic Algorithms


Turing Test?

Facebooks war on free will (with an excellent bit in the middle on algorithms)

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