LIS3353 - Technologies for Information Professionals

Lots of Virtualbox / Linux info: - Installing Linux
NOTE: I've provided a lot of information here for you — but you do NOT yet need to do all of it, it is merely provided for reference. The one thing you do need to do is to download the Lubuntu iso. Do not attempt to double click or open it, just make sure you have it.

Welcome to the course! Note that the course is administered both here and in Blackboard. Here you will find readings and schedules, and anything else that is suitable for public viewing.

Blackboard will be used for announcements (though you should be getting those via email as well), team lists, and turning in Assignments, and anything else that must or should be private.

Team Paper - DUE APR 24
Team Presentation - DUE APR 24


Assignment 2 - Basic Bash
Final Individual Assignment - DUE APR 17

Week 1 - Fundamentals of Software
Week 2 - From Binary to Thinking
Week 3 - Hardware & Class Exercise
Week 4 - History of Operating Systems (teams A)
Week 5 - Rise of FLOSS and Linux (teams B)
Week 6 - The Internet (teams C)
Week 7 - UI and Languages
Week 8 - Algorithms and Milkshakes
Week 9 - Freely Avaliable Information
Week 10 - Theories of Privacy
Week 11 - Anonymity
Week 12 - Cognitive Surplus
Week 13 - The Scene

Week 14 - Bringing it all together


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