LIS5411 - Introduction to Information Policy

Welcome to the Course!

This website (and not Canvas) is the primary location for information on the course. Most of the course, and anything suitable for public viewing will be available here.

That being said, Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments, and some discussions (i.e. anything that is private or semi-private.)

Collaborate CLASSIC will likely be used for our class sessions, so please make sure you are able to access that. (Despite "Classic" being slightly worse for broadcasting, Ultra, so far, has been effectively unusable for groupwork. This class has heavy group work and light broadcasting requirements, so Classic it is, for now. We will discuss in class.)

There are no readings or requirements for the first class, just show up. The link is forthcoming, but you can get set up here:

See you in class!


Last Semester Topics

Unit III - Technology, Regulation, and Access

Week 8 - Regulating the Net

DIY? Mesh, et al

The net; today:

Net Neutrality Today

Week 7 - Origins of Regulation


Unit II - Freely Available information

Week 6 - Responses in IP

Note: Again, lots of topics, we may not get to all of them, but some you might find interesting for paper topics.

Alternate Modes

Orphan Works


DMCA (as a model for prediction of consequences) (skim for pertinent info)


For discussion:

Week 5 - Problems in IP

(obviously, review last weeks' readings because we didn't get to Copyright/Patent. This looks like a lot, but most are pretty light)


The beginning of the end:




wow, I'm linking to cracked:

Week 4 - "Freely Available Information" - INTRO

The basics:

Intellectual? Property?


TRADEMARK, (skim. You find the best stuff in the oddest places sometimes)


and compare and contrast with

Browse :
(Take special note of the "fifth" fair use factor)

POLICY DOCUMENT - Starting "light"

Unit I - The Toolbox

Week 2 - Economics and Law

The Econ I'm (not) talking about

The net's impact

On "Law"

Week 3 - The Law and Policy

Review the last weeks' readings on law.

Defining Information Policy -

The net

Info Policy

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