LIS5411 - Introduction to Information Policy

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UNIT I - Influences and Forces

Week 2 - The Infrastructure and Economics of the Internet
Week 3 - Law and the Internet

UNIT II - Freely Available Information

Week 4 - Intro to Intellectual Property
Week 6 - Problems in IP

--- +Short Paper Assignment ----

Week 7 - Creators Issues and Responses

--- Long Paper Assignment ---

UNIT III - Regulation

Week 8 - Intro to Regulation

Week 9 - Internet Regulation

(wrong week number, but some "backdated" materials for last week: Math, Computers, and Work
Milkshake Slides

Week 10 - Anonymity

Week 11 - Privacy

Week 12

The "cloud"

The end of forgetting?

Little Brother


Traditional Solutions

Legal Challenges

Extralegal Challenges

NSA Fallout
Swedes say no to Google Apps for government use — Tech News and Analysis

Taking ownership of your data

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