LIS5411 - Introduction to Information Policy

Welcome to the Course!

WEDS, JAN 27 — the Course will be meeting in person; LSB 206. This is optional for all but one of you.


Readings are now in reverse chronological order

Week 3 - Freely available information

Note: Next week, we will mostly cover just the basics — and most likely only Trade Secret and Trademark. Feel free to get ahead, however.

The Basics:
The Four Types of Intellectual Property Protection -

Iron Man's Suit Isn't Patented, It's A Trade Secret (Seriously) | Litigation & Trial

Trademark law | Modern Wiki | Fandom

Patent Law: Everything You Need to Know

Copyright Basics

Rethinking things:

Intellectual? Property?
Did You Say Intellectual Property? Its a Seductive Mirage
Property Rights and Intellectual Property

Heavy ideas: Compare Anarchism Triumphant with Enforcing Copyright

Week 2 - Law and the 'Net

(ha, looks like the same thing happened last year)

From week 1, please review "Intro to Info Policy" and everything below "On Law"


Week 1 - Intro to Info Policy

Skim the following, these will not be officially due until week 2

Intro to Info Policy

The Econ I'm (not) talking about
How economics became a religion

On Econ
Wealth of Networks - Benkler
The Attention Economy and the Net

On Law
Transcendental Nonsense
The Law of the Horse

Basic Civics

Tentative Future Readings (these may change)

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