LIS5411 - Introduction to Information Policy

Welcome to the Course!

This website (and not Canvas) is the primary location for information on the course. Most of the course, and anything suitable for public viewing will be available here.

That being said, Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments, and discussions (i.e. anything that is private or semi-private.)

Note: Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at (Messaging through Canvas may be missed -- regular email is a better and safer tool for this purpose)

You don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up. For at least the first day, we will use Collaborate Ultra, which requires nothing more than a modern Javascript-enabled browser. (As always, I recommend Firefox) Note: this may change, but I will discuss later.

There are no textbooks. The syllabus is below, and schedules and procedures will be discussed in class on the first day. See you then!

Readings and Assignments

Tentative Future Readings
+First Paper Instructions

Week 7 - Intro to Privacy - Technical and Legal Secrecy

The tech:

Excellent intuitive explanation of the seemingly impossible part of cryptography.

Apple's Method

Hashing for Verification

The law:

Week 6 - Direct Regulation

History of Regulation

The Internet

The barriers


Unit II Slides

Week 6 - Modern Responses to IP Issues

Alternate Modes

Orphan Works


DMCA (as a model for prediction of consequences) (skim for pertinent info)


Week 5 - Intellectual Property Continued

(obviously, review last weeks' readings because we didn't get to Copyright/Patent. This looks like a lot, but most are pretty light)


The beginning of the end:




wow, I'm linking to cracked:

Week 4 - Freely Available Information

NOTE: we will certainly cover "the basics" below, at least up to Trademark. The "heavy stuff" thus may be postponed. Take a look, but don't get bogged down.

The basics:


TRADEMARK, (skim. You find the best stuff in the oddest places sometimes)



Intellectual? Property?

skim for now - POLICY DOCUMENT - Starting "light"

(the heavy stuff)
and compare and contrast with

Browse :
(Take special note of the "fifth" fair use factor)

Week 3 - Law and Policy


New (in case you need a refresher?)

Week 2 - Economics, Law and the 'net

The Econ I'm (not) talking about

The net's impact

On "Law"

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