LIS-5364 Web Development and Administration

Welcome to the course! As many of you know, this course is intimately related to LIS5362; many of the topics from that course will be carried over here. Soon, I will migrate most of the useful information from there to here; especially the Linux/Unix material.

As always — announcements and private things (like the link to the course) will be in Blackboard, but most material will be here. See you soon!


5364 - Quiz 1

Notes on Installing a Web Server


Linux Install Information

Collected Resources

Required Course Tools



./LIS5364-Networking in the Shell.pdf
./LIS5364 - Milkshake Stuff.pdf



PHP Examples - As always, there's lots more information in the +Collected Resources above.

Assignment 1
Assignment 1b

Assignment 2 - Advanced Bash

Bash Examples
PHP Examples

Final PHP Examples
Form Example
Opening a file in php

Final Assignment

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