LIS5417 - Introduction to Legal Research

Welcome to the course! I'm in the process of revising this site for the Spring 2018 semester, so some of the below may change; but I expect everything to be substantially similar.

Note that the course is administered MAINLY here at Here you will find readings and schedules, and anything else that is suitable for public viewing.

Canvas will be used for announcements and assignments. Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at (I have piloted Canvas Conversations and determined that it is not worth the trouble . Regular email is both required and more beneficial overall, so we will keep it simple and only use that, you should probably do the same for your other courses unless your professor suggests otherwise.)

There is a textbook. It is Legal Resources, How to Find and Understand the Law. 17th edition is preferred, but 15th, 16th are not substantially different except re: page numbers. I'll be clear about topics/chapters for the week so those with older editions may follow along. It is available digitally via many different sorts of resources. (don't ask, don't tell?)

I am still presently in the process of testing to determine whether we will use Collaborate Ultra (the new version that only requires a browser) or Collaborate Classic (historically, much better when dealing with teams and groups, but requires extra downloads). Either way, the link will be available by noon, first day of class.

See you then!


Class Recordings

Introductory Materials

Transcendental Nonsense
./LIS5417-Categories of Law.pdf

Case Law

Using Case Law

Georgetowns Overview of Case Law Sources

Additional External Resources

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