LIS-5362 - Design and Production of Networked Multimedia

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This front page - in Canvas - is the primary source of material for this course; everything you need for the course will be available here. Many links go through (including a mirror of this page for backup and emergency purposes); feel free to browse that as well.

The live portion of the course will be administered in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra; link is below.

Contacting me should only be done through regular email, at ( It is my informed opinion that "Canvas Conversations" should be avoided by all, standard email much better respects autonomy and privacy.)

Discord is an absolutely fantastic tool for grownups doing groupwork, and will be supported and strongly recommended (but not required) for this class and all of my classes. Instructions and information on Discord here.

You don't need to do anything for the first day besides show up in Collaborate, link below. The syllabus is below, and schedules and procedures will be discussed in class on the first day.

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On the first day, do not leave the class until attendance has been taken.



Week 2 - Intro to the Modern Web


Time permitting : A clever thing on CODE in general. Huge, but I've found it to be worth it.

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