LIS-5362 - Design and Production of Networked Multimedia

Welcome to the course! Note that the course is administered both here and in Blackboard. Here you will find readings and schedules, and anything else that is suitable for public viewing. Blackboard will be used for announcements (though you should be getting those via email as well) and turning in Assignments, and anything else that must or should be private.

Blackboard Collaborate is required for the course: Go here to get set up.


Final Project

Example code

./hello.html (note that if you view the source, some of the content is broken. I'm deliberately not fixing it; please study and figure out why.)
form example
table example


Required Course Tools
Recommended Reference Materials



First Day Slides
Second Week Slides - Computers!
./02 LIS5362 2nd Slides.pdf
./04 Slides - Internet and Text.pdf


Assignment 02
Assignment 03

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