Final Individual Assignment

Created Tuesday 04 April 2017

Your Hardware and Workflow


Choose a computer (either your laptop or desktop); Non-tablets are preferred; please don't use an iPad as your example unless it's literally the only machine you use.

There are a number of ways to gather information on your machine.

- As explained in class; you can use a "real* linux instance (Live CD or Installation) and use the lshw command on the command line. In the GUI, there is also lshw-gtk and hardinfo. (one more Linux hint, gtk means Gnome ToolKit, but what that really usually means is that it's a GUI version of command-line program)
- On a non-linux system, you can probably find it in a Control Panel or other system info tool.
- Finally, you might be able to find a manual using your computers brand and model number. More tips are below.

1) What is the type (laptop/desktop), brand and model number of the computer?

2) Were you able to find a document online that gives this information? If so, please provide the URL/Link. (Frequently, it will be a pdf)

3) How much RAM is installed? Be sure you're using the correct "unit" type.

4) What type of CPU do you have? How many cores?

5) What Operating System(s) is/are installed?

6) What operating system does your cell phone use?

7) What model?

8) What app do you use most regularly? Briefly list what types of personal information it is using to accomplish its stated task. THEN, do some digging online and see if you can find out if it is using any other data as well?


Do you regularly type notes, either for classes or for personal use (e.g. a todo list?) If so, what tools/programs do you use? This might be a simple text or word document, or something more complex like evernote (or both like Zim) How do you use these?

Consider your photos, music, and perhaps videos. How do you most frequently consume (and if appropriate, create?) each? How do you STORE them? Do you keep backups?

11) FUTURE PLANS – Given what you've learned in the class, do you have any plans to refine or modify your workflow/playflow? If so, how?