Form Example

Created Friday 21 April 2017

Remember, while it is possible to do this in one file, it might be easier to do it as two as a beginner. The form need not have php (though, eventually it likely will)


<h4>Make a new being! </h4>
<form action="myprocess.php" method="post"> 

Please enter a name <input name="being" type="text"/>
And then, tell me where they are from.
<select name="homeworld">
	<option>Somewhere Else</option>

<input type="submit" value="LETS GO" />




Hey we're here!


// echo "debug!<br>";
// print_r($_POST);
// echo "debug done<br>";

$being = $_POST['being'];
$homeworld = $_POST['homeworld'];

echo " BEHOLD. Your new being shall be called <h1> $being !</h1>";
echo "<br>";
echo "This being hails from $homeworld!";



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