Here are all the sections DEFINITELY required in your plan.

1) Project Charter
2) Communication Plan
3) GBS / WBS (This should be in outline format.)
4) Gantt Chart

This may be roughly identical to your WBS; it should also be a SEPARATE "project software" file.
5) Risk Management Plan
6) Closeout
7) Link to Web Version of your Project Plan (this may be as simple as a link to a pdf, or more complex if you like)

The following are likely to be appropriate as well, but may not be necessary:

Procedure for turning in

Mandatory: Provide everything above mentioned as mandatory as a single PDF (don't forget the link to your web document); with the exception of the Gantt Chart.

Also, include any other files. Compress them via ZIP or any other compression scheme into a single file and turn that file into the appropriate place in BLACKBOARD.

Only one "turn-in" is required PER TEAM — but be ABSOLUTELY sure to clearly identify ALL team members via NAME and FSUID.

Good luck!

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