Detailed Final Project Rubric

Created Wednesday 27 July 2016

For your final project, I would like to provide the following deliverables, consisting broadly of 2 or 3 parts, the "source code", the "write-up" and the link to your project, if ready.

1) The write-up. I need documentation with as much detail as you can reasonably give me. This should include, but is not necessarily limited to:

Include this information zipped within your turned in code, or in the comments of your blackboard submission. A plain text file should be fine unless you have special need/preference for word processing software; if so, please submit as a PDF to ensure compatibility.

2) Source code. I need to be able to easily access all of the code used in your project, regardless of whether or not you wrote it, e.g. libraries and such. Additionally, I need to be able to easily distinguish what you wrote from what was written by others. The best way to accomplish the latter is by clear use of "includes" and/or links to files. (i.e., if you're using code written by someone else in some way, try not to copy and paste it, link to it externally)

There are two ways of doing this; submitting a zipfile, or submitting a git-service (gitlab) link. Either zip up your files and turn them in to me via blackboard, or simply submit a link to your projects page in a git hosting service.

Note: you need not include copies of code included in larger/linkable libraries, such as jQuery. Be sure to ask me if you have any questions on this.

3) Link to your project, hosted online.

Hopefully, you got your project up and running somewhere; this is especially important for projects that make use of MySQL databases; given that it can be difficult to package and rebuild these locally.