Hello PHP

Created Tuesday 29 May 2018

I'd like to ensure that everyone is ready to go next Monday, so we will do a quick "Hello PHP" assignment.

In short, when I visit your main LIS link (e.g. YOURID.lis536x.cci.fsu.edu) I should see a short greeting from you and a VERY LONG chunk of info about your PHP install. Luckily, the latter is accomplished with one very short php function which you have seen before, which is phpinfo();

The procedure for this should be simple:


<h1> Hey this is John, and below is a bunch of stuff I'm probably not going to read! </h1>
See you in class.





Some other notes:
- Again, I'll be using Lubuntu. Have your install ready if you'd like to follow along.
- Additionally, for now I will be using "jedit." Get this installed on your lubuntu install, or on your regular OS
- To streamline things for yourself, either review "transferring files" with Lubuntu, or develop a system that allows you to quickly upload to your lis server.