Pre-Assignment 0 - Hello World on Torch

Created Wednesday 18 May 2022

Hey folks, this won't be graded, but I'd like to get started and ensure we have a development environment that we can use; so I'd like you to do a "hello world" for Torch.

The short version

  1. Create a (sub)folder that resides inside your public_html folder on called "LIS5367" (for simplicity, ensure LIS is all caps and that there is no dash)
  2. Put a file in that folder called hello.php, with at least the following:

<p> Hello world! This is plain html </p>
 echo "<p> and this is Hello World php. </p>";

  1. Ensure that it works by visiting the correct url, which would be (for obvious reasons, clicking THIS link should not work)

— More info

One way to do this is with a file transfer program like Filezilla. More info available here.

For now, this will be all the info I give. If you run into trouble please let me know, and remember, this will not be graded.

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