Pre-Assignment 0 - Hello World on Torch

Hey folks, this won't be graded, but I'd like to get started and ensure we have a development environment that we can use; so I'd like you to do a "hello world" for Torch.

The short version

  1. Create a (sub)folder that resides inside your "web" folder* on called "LIS5367" (for simplicity, ensure LIS is all caps and that there is no dash)
  2. Put a file in that folder called hello.php, with at least the following:

<p> Hello world! This is plain html </p>
 echo "<p> and this is Hello World php. </p>";

Note: Torch uses a particular convention for this that is unique (and pretty smart, I think.) Your files will actually be residing at /web/yourFSUID - but the more conventional /home/yourFSUID/public_html is available as well. The latter is a symbolic link to the former; i.e. for our purposes they are the same folder, so using either is fine.

  1. Ensure that it works by visiting the correct url, which would be (for obvious reasons, clicking THIS link should not work)

— More info

One way to do this is with a file transfer program like Filezilla. More info available here.

For now, this will be all the info I give. If you run into trouble please let me know, and remember, this will not be graded.

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