Paper Instructions

1000 words, one original idea that you have worked hard to study, think about, and refine. The first paper should touch on some topic we have covered heretofore. This can be e.g. Telecom, Privacy, Social Media etc or it may cover one of the broader ideas at the beginning of the course (e.g. Economics, Law, etc). The second should touch on anything from the final half of the class , e.g. "Freely Available Information/Intellectual Property,"

Citation is not important unless you are directly critiquing another work or relying on relatively obscure or unusual information. (A good rule of thumb here: If it can be found in 3 or more sources, don't worry about citing it.) You may use any citation format that generally ensures my ability to track down and examine the cited source, should I choose to do so.

Though you do need to back up your point with reasoning and facts, please don't make this merely a research paper, in which you regurgitate the present state of things. The evidence may come from elsewhere, but the idea should be your own.

Please feel free to discuss your thesis/idea prior to turning it in (note: far and away, the most common criticism I have is "it's not specific enough," though this is understandably much more of a problem on the undergrad level.)

In keeping with the idea that content ought to take precedence over formatting, and to encourage open standards, I will only be allowing text submissions via Canvas.