Prior reading schedule

Created Sunday 03 January 2021

This is the reading schedule for the last time the source was taught, you may expect the ordering to be similar for this semester.

Week 13 - Law and the Net

Browse and review the External Resource section above, paying special attention to the last few items on secondary sources and the "Pay Special Attention Here" material.

Week 12 - Secondary Resources

Read Chapter 4 - Secondary resources.

Week 11 - Statute-Adjacent Materials

Review Chapter- We will get to:
Uniform Laws
Attorney General Opinions
Procedural Statutes & Rules
Rules of Civil Procedure
Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rules of Court
Local Rules

Week 10 - Florida Statutes

Review Chapter

Week 9 - Statutes

Read Chapter 5 - "Statutes" — the statutes material only; i.e. stop before Regulations et al.

Week 8 - Quiz

Week 7 - Validating Case Law

Read Chapter 8 - Validating Case Law

Additional Resources
Old school detail - on Westlaw.pdf

Week 6 - Finding Case Law

Read Chapter 6 - Finding Case Law

Week 5 - Researching Case Law

Read Chapter *7* - Using Case Law
(I know the "Finding Case Law" Chapter comes first, and always thought it an odd choice — why find something if you don't know what it is first?)

Week 4 Readings

Read Chapter 3.

Week 3 Readings

Fun discussion! Review the below (except the Transcendental Nonsense article) and:
(don't ask where you got it)

Week 2 Readings:

Read Chapter "Understanding the Basics of the Law" in the textbook
./LIS5417-Categories of Law Slides.pdf

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