Nov 5 - Project Prep

Created Thursday 05 November 2020

For Monday: Please provide a plan for your project — while your idea need not be complete, you need to show significant work on it.


A topic area

A Proposed Thesis Statement or Question

A Proposed Demonstration OR Other proposed "illustration"

For Demonstrations

SPECIFICALLY Name some possible appropriate tools, e.g. not just "Firewall Software" but "iptables" or "Norton Firewall"
(You should either have it/them already installed and begun to test them -- or otherwise very confident that you will be able do so. You don't have to be an expert, but you need to know how to turn the thing on.)

For Illustrations (i.e. a non-technical in-depth look)

It must still be "hands-on" and realistic — well beyond what you might read in an article. One good way to fulfill something like this would be a step-by-step manual or guide on a practice

A "Bibliography" — at least 4 high-quality sources THAT YOU HAVE THOROUGHLY READ and understood

The more you annotate this bibliography for myself and yourselves, the better. It is fine to include sources that you are unsure of, but please let me know. Comments are good, a greater number of sources is fine — but a big dump of resources that you haven't vetted and that would take me a long time to evaluate is bad.

Optional, but helpful

Proposed steps of Demonstration
Documented work of demonstration

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