Student Example 1 - Solar Panels

Created Thursday 01 October 2020

Solar Panels - 1st Draft

If I told you that switching to solar could save you $50 per month, what would you do with the extra savings? Did you know that the power companies could even be paying you, for the power that you produce? These are all things that you could obtain from installing solar panels onto your home. Installation is easy and eco-friendly!

We here at SolTech automate and streamline the installation process for regular folk like yourself. For a lot of people, that means doing all the cumbersome paperwork for you so all you have to think about is how eco-friendly you will be making your home. We are here to cut through all the red tape to fast track not just you, but the world into a greener tomorrow.

Our company was founded after our leader Steve Smith became fed up with the current lack of companies out there to push green energy. We decided to take action and build a new platform where people of all economic backgrounds can have access to green renewable energy. We are changing the way people interact with their environment through easy and affordable solar energy plans, nationwide coverage, 5-year free replacement plan, as well as working closely with power companies around the United States to make sure that you are connected to the grid within a matter of days. We here at SolTech understood the growing need for a cheap and green energy solution for the common person. We believed that companies shouldn’t rob customers just because they want to make a difference in this world. We filled that gap.

I remember one of the first people that we helped. She was the neighbor of our founder and was in a prime location to harness solar energy. She lives in Arizona and with SolTech solar panels installed on her house she ended up spending almost 50% less on her energy bill per month. I’ve worked with all types of power corporations around the United States and believe me when I tell you that we here at SolTech understand the struggle it can be working with those types of bureaucrats. They would much rather squeeze every nickel and dime out of you before they would even think about changing their pricing. It wasn’t just last week that we testified in front of the supreme court in a fight for modernizing and popularizing more types of green energy. We hope that one day in the not so distant future it won’t be an uncommon sight to see every house on a street with solar panels installed. Not only would this prove to save the common consumer money but also save the planet from the emissions that we pump into the air on a daily basis. Now, there is a lot of discourse going on online about how expensive and temporary solar panels can be. But we wouldn’t be where we are today if we were peddling those old inefficient solar panels, would we? Our solar panels are the catalyst that will allow our dreams of a greener future to finally be realized. Being over 60% more effective than other competing brands of solar panels, we finally have the technology to allow everyone to become green. This is also aided by our zero down payment plan on the purchase of 2 or more solar panels. We make sure that when we are developing the technology of the future we are thinking about the consumer first.

Solar Panels 2nd Draft

Have you ever wanted to lower your carbon footprint to make a real difference in the fight against climate change? We here at Foot Locker® have worked tirelessly to develop the Foot Locker® Solar Panel Division. Our engineers’ goal is to make cheap, efficient solar panels to help the environment. Why does Foot Locker® out of all companies care about providing America their solar panels? After exhausting countless resources on solar technologies to be used in Foot Locker® factories, Foot Locker’s engineers reached a breakthrough that enabled solar panels to hold more capacity, allowed them to be cheaper, and allowed them to be incredibly reliable. With one 6 feet by 3.5 feet panel, you can power a quarter of a typical American household. A set of four high-quality Foot Locker® solar panels will only run you $4,200. That's a substantial decrease compared to our competitors’ exorbitant prices in the range of tens of thousands of dollars. These prices do not even factor in the federal tax-deductible you get by installing solar panels on your property which net you about $1260 just for doing your part to save the planet.

Not only are solar panels cost-effective but they are also great for the environment. Solar panels source their energy from the purest source of energy there is (the sun). In the process utilized by solar panels, there aren’t any types of toxic emissions that are given off. However, in other energy sources, the process typically results in toxic emissions like greenhouse gasses (particularly carbon dioxide) and other gasses like nitrous oxide or sulfur dioxide. This is one way to show how solar panels are better for the environment than the currently used energy sources. Not only do solar panels not give off any kind of toxic emission, but they also help to reduce pollutants that are in the air. When more and more solar panels are used it results in there being fewer fossil fuels burned off and therefore fewer pollutants in the air. Aside from solar panels being good for the environment, they’re also good for each and every single on this planet. With there being less harmful emissions in the air with solar power, this also results in the air breathability being higher. According to EnergySage, people with lung problems were found to have fewer complications when there was higher solar power usage in the area. It is pretty clear why people should switch to using solar panels for their energy. Solar panels are available across the United States at great prices and are also great for the environment. That being said, what reason is there to not get solar panels?

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