Deliverable V — The portfolio

Created Tuesday 24 November 2020

For this assignment: Each individual will turn this in. That being said, I strongly *recommend* that you do this as a group; it's probably easier to get it done this way.

The goal is to have an easily *modifiable* portfolio of work, in MULTIPLE formats. As you figure out this process — THINK ABOUT HOW YOU CAN MAKE THIS EASILY EDITABLE. Don't "fossilize" this too much in the later formats.

Re: Parts I and II :We have not done in here officially, but that you should have. We will *not* be grading these particularly closely, mostly because we presume that you will have occasion to work on these in other classes or at other times your life. They should look decent and have no major errors.

Parts 3-6 should have short introductions to explain to a potential reader what they are. Again, feel free to absolutely write and copy these among your group.

The Parts

Part 1. - Cover Letter / Explanation

This will be a generalized cover letter about you and your career goals. Since it is imaginary, feel free to cater it to your dream job. Also ensure that it explains what the rest of the document is.

Part 2. - Resume

I'm presuming you already have one. If not, it's a good thing to work on. We will *not* be grading this closely, but it will be spot checked, so insure no MAJOR errors. I am also NOT holding you to typical "One Page" resume rules or anything of the sort. Use as many pages as you like, provide informatio how you choose.

Part 3. - Sales/Business Introduction (Unit I Deliverable)

Include this with a short explanation of why it was written (as in, not imaginary, you can say you did it for a class)

Part 4. - Mission Statement and Company Policy (Unit II Deliverable)

It is your choice whether to separate the two things here.

Part 5. - User Guide (Unit III Deliverable — use ONE or BOTH)

You may include both of these, but you also might want to merely include only one if you personally feel one is much stronger than the other.

Part 6. - Example Correspondence (Unit IV Deliverable)

Include the complaint (clearly labelled and appropriately censored) as well as your response.


Format A. Plain text

Do all of the above in PLAIN TEXT. Seriously. Just one (or more) text files. No formatting, reasonable use of some kind of header system. It's weird, I know, but I promise you it is likely to be helpful — ESPECIALLY the resume part. Call it "<your name> Portfolio.txt" (or, e.g. Portfolio - Part 1.txt, etc)

Format B. - Markdown

It shouldn't take too much at all to go from the above to markdown, e.g. making good use of h1's et al. Call it "<your name>"

Format C. - HTML

This is literally one simple command to convert from the above. "<your name> Portfolio.html" — Consider visual breaks between sections.

Format D. - Modern Word Processor Format

Next, complete this in Microsoft Word (docx) or a similar Libre/OpenOffice format (odt) I prefer the latter, this might be a good opportunity to check out free alternatives. You may want to convert from the Markdown above. "<your name> Portfolio.odt" (or docx)

Format E. - The Final — PDF

Overwhelmingly, the best way to complete a professional looking portfolio such as this is to finalize it into a pdf. Above, you have a number of choices and methods to complete this. "<your name> Portfolio.pdf"

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