Final Project Rubric

Created Thursday 08 April 2021

Here is what I will be looking for: (most of the below is similar/identical to the initial plan, but this time, please answer every question completely)

  1. Give your project a reasonably descriptive name.
  2. What "project type?" will this be? Here are some options:
Complete: I intend for there to exist a functional, likely web-enabled project, with description.
Prototype: I am using this project as an opportunity to begin experimental work on a useful (or beautiful) idea I have, so my project may have limited functionality. However, I will nonetheless develop a complete PLAN for how I will go forward as things progress.
Learning: I am using this project primarily as a learning and review exercise, and will either stick relatively closely to the material we've learned in class, or will otherwise explain in detail what web tech I intend to learn and develop here.

The above "types" are not necessarily exhaustive or concrete, but they should give you an idea of what I'm looking for in terms of description. You may simply select one of these if it fits, or modify it to your needs.

  1. After selecting (or modifying) a project type, please summarize what you intend to accomplish in one or two sentences.

  1. Now, give me a bit more detail. This should also include a clear statement of SCOPE, aka, limit yourself. Along with telling me what you will do, also be clear about what you will not do, either because you're choosing not to do it at all, or perhaps you believe it may take longer than we have in class.

  1. Name, and optionally provide copies of or links to technologies you intend to use, especially

Frameworks, if necessary
Libraries, if necessary
Any code by other people you intend to copy and or modify
A clear statement of "where your code lives," both in terms of accessible URLs and folder locations on the server.

  1. Scope change? If any major changes in scope or type occurred during your completion of the work, please let me know.

  1. Conclusions. Take some time to reflect on your work, what got done, what didn't, and where you may go with this.

  1. Deliverables/Code/Proof of Work.

This may vary for some of you, but I'm looking for one or more of the following, in order of preference:
- Your code, working, hosted on Torch
- Your code working, hosted elsewhere but active, with copies of source code if possible (You may zip and email this to me or provide in some other reasonably accessible way, e.g. dropbox et al)
- Copies of source code and a demonstration, if it is not possible for me to "access" your work directly (e.g. use it interactively or see the website, etc)
- (Least preferred but acceptable, please discuss with me if we haven't already) A screencast or similar demonstration if I am not able to directly access your source code

Good Luck!